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About Jimdo

Jimdo is an integrated digital platform tailored to empower small businesses and individuals in establishing a robust online presence. Offering user-friendly tools, it simplifies website creation and e-commerce, making it accessible to everyone.
With Jimdo, crafting a personalized website is effortless, allowing you to edit, add content, and choose from various layouts with ease. The platform’s mobile optimization ensures your site looks great on all devices.
For those looking to sell online, Jimdo provides a seamless e-commerce experience. You can set up an independent online store without worrying about transaction fees, offer shipping options, and even manage appointments through your site.
Jimdo’s Logo Creator helps you craft a memorable brand identity, offering free logo design and downloads for digital and print purposes.
Founded by Matthias Henze, Jimdo’s mission is to support self-employed individuals and small businesses in thriving online. It caters to diverse needs, from company and freelancer websites to portfolios, restaurants, and more.
Jimdo is your one-stop solution for building a powerful online presence without the need for extensive technical skills.


Pros & Cons of Jimdo


Cost-effective: Jimdo offers a very affordable option, including a free plan for creating decent websites.
User-friendly: Especially suitable for beginners with no prior website-building experience, the Jimdo editor is easy to navigate.
Customization: You can edit the HTML and CSS of your site, switch between templates without losing content, and all templates are responsive.
GDPR compliant: Jimdo provides a tool for managing cookies in compliance with GDPR regulations.


Limited templates: There is a relatively small selection of templates available.
Payment gateway limitations: Options for payment gateways are limited.
Support: Support is provided via email and is not available 24/7.
Lack of import/export functionality: There’s no built-in feature for importing or exporting content.
Ecommerce limitations: Ecommerce functionality, especially concerning tax rates and dropshipping, may not be as professional as other solutions.
No official app store: Jimdo does not have an official app store.
Blog limitations: Multiple blog authors or contributors are not supported effectively.
Better suited for small businesses: Larger businesses may find it challenging to use Jimdo effectively.

Jimdo Pricing

PLAY ($0 per month): Ideal for personal websites. It includes all base features and a subdomain. This plan is free of charge.
START ($19 per month): Suitable for personal websites. It includes all PLAY features, a custom domain, and an ad-free experience.
GROW ($25 per month): Designed for business websites. It includes all START features, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), visitor statistics, and personalized support within 4 hours.
GROW LEGAL ($32 per month): Tailored for websites requiring legal compliance. It includes all GROW features, customized legal text, GDPR compliance, and updates on legal changes.
UNLIMITED ($59 per month): The most comprehensive plan offering unlimited storage, professional design analysis, and premium support within an hour.

These pricing plans cater to various website needs, from personal to business, with features and support levels increasing as you move up the pricing tiers.

Jimdo Creator/Website Builder

Jimdo offers two distinct website development tools: the Jimdo Website Builder and Creator. Choosing the right one depends on your needs and experience level.

Jimdo Website Builder

Best for: Beginners and those who want a quick website launch.
Design: Utilizes a modern block system for beautiful, ready-made designs.
Main Features: Simplified SEO setup, detailed website and store statistics, external email account integration, blogging capabilities, and the ability to add custom code or widgets.
Add-ons: Offers additional tools like a bookings tool, business listings, legal text generator, email accounts, and rankingCoach (availability varies by country).
Identification: If your website’s edit mode resembles the Jimdo Website Builder and your subdomain contains “,” you are using this tool.

Jimdo Creator

Best for: Users who need more control, advanced features, or custom coding options.
Design: Provides customizable templates for greater design flexibility.
Main Features: Offers comprehensive customization options, including the ability to use custom code, widgets, and host or forward more than two domains.
Add-ons: While Creator doesn’t have specific add-ons like the Website Builder, its flexibility allows you to integrate various functionalities as needed.
Identification: If your website’s edit mode resembles Creator and your subdomain contains “,” you are using this tool.

Both options cater to different user needs, with the Website Builder prioritizing simplicity and speed, while Creator offers more advanced control and customization. Choose the one that aligns with your website development goals and expertise.